Hotels in Nottingham: Top 5

Welcome to our ultimate guide to the top 5 hotels in Nottingham where we’ll be exploring our top favourite hotels in and around the city. We are going to be including modern and stylish hotspots as well as top quality facilities and excellent dining options. We hope you find a hotel that suits you. Let’s get started.

Hart’s Hotel and Kitchen


First on our list of hotels in Nottingham is Hart’s Hotel and Kitchen, a spectacular 4 star hotel located only a short walk from many Nottingham attractions. The hotel is super stylish and modern and renowned as an award-winning hotel and restaurant. In addition, the service is outstanding, the views are insane and the facilities are superb. An overall great stay in Nottingham city.

The Old Vicarage Boutique Hotel


Next on our list of Hotels in Nottingham is The Old Vicarage Boutique Hotel, a small boutique hotel in the heart of Southwell, Nottingham. The hotel consists of only eight rooms, yet each is designed beautifully with excellent facilities. It’s a great venue for weddings, with a gorgeous ceremony room and fresh gardens. In addition, The Old Vicarage is historic, meaning you can explore stunning historic Nottingham architecture whilst staying here.

Restaurant Sat Bains with Rooms


Saint Bains and Rooms is a popular 5 star hotel with a renowned 2 Michelin star restaurant. It’s only small, yet super modern and sleek, a luxury restaurant and hotel in Nottingham. Here you can enjoy a restaurant and room experience like no other, with a delicious tasting menu, top quality service and comfortable bedrooms. At Saint Bains, you’ll feel right at home, great for a romantic city getaway.

Lace Market Hotel


Lace Market Hotel is a stunning 4 star boutique and historic hotel, located in the centre of Nottingham. Inside you will find an array or luxurious bedrooms, ranging from double, single to ‘Lavish’ hotel suites. The Lace Market Hotel is known for its excellent equipped rooms as well as a food ‘haven’ where you can indulge in delicious food and drinks in their Cock & Hoop pub.

Mercure Nottingham George Hotel


Last but not least on our list of hotels in Nottingham is the George Hotel, a 4 star hotel located near all on goings in Nottingham. This hotel is truly unique, offering a range of boutique hotel rooms, luxury bathing products, a 24 hour gym, meeting rooms, a one of a kind bar and top quality brassiere. A fantastic stay in Nottingham city.

Overview of Hotels in Nottingham: Top 5

We hope you enjoyed exploring some of the best hotels in and around Nottingham city. For now, head over to our socials to keep up with date with our Enjoy Nottingham content.